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Today’s podcast brings you information from Meetings NET, Event Manager Blog, Velvet Chainsaw and Master the Event.

First up from today’s posts:

Sue Pelletier of Meetings NET writes on Are You Minding These 5 Risk Management Gaps

Are meeting planners and meeting owners prepared to handle situations that could put their meetings, their attendees, and their organizations at risk.While not everyone thinks so, a full 89 percent of meeting planners and 80 percent of meeting owners say that risk is properly mitigated in their organization.Here are five areas where meeting professionals, could be doing more to mitigate risks

Here are five areas where meeting professionals, could be doing more to mitigate risks to their organization’s financial, regulatory, and reputational health:

1. Policy? What Policy?

Pro: 100 percent of the planners this year say they are likely to follow their organization’s meeting policy, up from 88 percent three years ago. Three-quarters of those surveyed in 2016 also say they include or plan to include social media and luxury property clauses in their meeting policy.

Con: The number of planners and owners who say they still lack a formal meeting policy has increased over the past three years—up 17 percent for planners and 12 percent for owners. The study authors suggest that the increase could be due to an influx of startups and new divisions that have yet to craft a meeting policy, something they suggest should be of the highest priority.

To access more information on Are You Minding These 5 Risk Management Gaps?, Go over to Meetings NET at .

Next from Event Manager Blog:

Christina Green writes on 10 Trends In Corporate Events:  One of the best ways to make a name for yourself in the event industry is to self-educate and always be on trend. You don’t want to waste your time following fads that never amount to much but staying up- to-date on what clients are interested in, or better yet, offering them trendy options before they’ve even heard of them will keep you at the top of their event planner list. Here are the trends you need to take a look at:

1. Personalized Registration:

Today’s event software is sophisticated enough to present registration options based on the type of attendee registering. This trend in customization of the registration process will continue.

Look for ways to fine-tune the offer based on attendee type, including additional discounts, activities, and content based on type and activity history. In the future, these factors could also be used to unlock mystery items much the same way games and sites use Easter eggs for added interest.   To access more information on 10 Trends In Corporate Events, Go over to Event Manager Blog

Next from Velvet Chainsaw Jeff Hurt writes on What If Attendees Remember Nothing From Your Event? :

Meetings are often so overloaded with material that learning may be hurt more than it’s enhanced. Learning comes before remembering. Remembering comes before application. Customized contextual application comes before job improvements. Ultimately, learning leads to job improvements and if there are no job improvements, then you, your company and the conference organizers have just experienced learning scrap. You’ve wasted precious resources—money, time, energy—without any tangible benefits to your career, your job and your company’s improvement.

Why many meeting participants fail at applying their new learnings?

The Conference Copycat Critter: Quick Just Give Me The Highpoints So I Can Copy Them! Often meeting participants just want the victorious insider’s information. They want the steps, the tips and the tricks to triumph. And they even demand—and thus conference organizers provide—someone else’s path to success.  To access more information on What If Attendees Remember Nothing From Your Event, Go over to  Velvet Chainsaw

To close the show out we have an article from Master The Event: Andrew Maxwell writes on 6 Things To Consider When Selecting Music For Events:  Your music sets the tone for your entire event.  If you don’t show  your event music the respect it deserves – it’s just as important to the success of the event as your caterer – then you could be setting yourself up for an epic fail. Selecting music for events doesn’t need to be a drawn out process. Music (whether it’s background music, party music or even Musak) plays an integral part in your  event’s overall theme and the pace at which things unfold.

Here are the six things to consider in your event music selection:  Can the venue accommodate your music needs? You need to know if your venue can accommodate your music needs – think zoning and noise restrictions as well as technical capacity.  To access more information on 6 Things To Consider When Selecting Music For Events, Go over to Master The Event

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