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First up from today’s posts:

EMB of Event Manager Blog writes on 7 Skills Of Millionaire Event Planners You Should Be Using:

Are you ready to become a millionaire event planner? It takes more than someone willing to write a healthy check in your name. It takes skill, organization, incredible patience and possibly some of these magic ingredients.

Here are 7 skills millionaire event planners have cultivated over the years to keep them earning top dollars:

·        Look and Act the Part:

While it may be hard to justify, operating at this level of event planning means making sizeable investments in yourself because you are the event brand. Your look, clothes, style, car, even your tablet speaks to your abilities. No one will pay top dollar to you to plan their event if you drive up in a car with a busted muffler and old soda cans rattling around in the back seat. While most of us aren’t doing that, there is a certain refinement and look required and that may involve upgrading your wardrobe or even the technology you use to appear to service this millionaire group before you actually do.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Sue Pelletier writes on 3 Vital Things To Do To Make Sure You Finish Strong:

The elements of finishing strong is all centered around celebrating physical and mental strength, the kind that excites you to hop out of bed every morning and stay at it. If you want to absolutely grab the most from your time, then tap into these three power strategies that will help you feel amazing and focus your attention on what really matters to you:

  1. Invest 15 minutes.  Each day, invest 15 minutes in yourself—what that looks like is up to you. Meditation for mental strength. A walk after dinner with a loved one for a great exercise/connection combo. Making 10-minute calls with a mentor or team member with a five-minute “download” to stay close to the goals. The practice is personal to you; just make sure you are putting yourself on the to-do list every day for 15 minutes. It’s a smart investment for a healthier, happier, more successful you.

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Next from Event Industry News:

Adam Parry writes on Increase Your Event Ticket Sales With These 4 E-commerce Tactics:

If you’ve shopped recently using Amazon or just in general, you might be familiar with how they’ll hound you regarding items left in your cart. Log onto Facebook, and you’ll even see that you’re being encouraged to buy the item through an ad there! You may find them annoying, but the fact of the matter is that they increase sales dramatically. The exact same goes for your event – a potential attendee might come across your event website. They will get interested, and then for some unknown reason, they don’t buy. Here are four tactics to put in place:

  1. Email Reminders: You should offer the option to people to enter their email for more information, as well as collect it in check out and billing forms. This will help you gather a list of emails. There are two great things to do with email lists. One, you can message them reminding of them of the event/thank them after. You can also market upcoming events that you’re doing in the same space.

To access more information on Increase Your Event Ticket Sales With These 4 E-commerce Tactics, Go over to Event Industry News at  .

To close the show out we have an article from Bonjour Events:

B.J writes on 5 Must Have’s When Ordering Your Wedding Stationery:

The not-so-new age of digital everything can still be rather intimidating, especially ordering your most important invitations. Entering your personal information onto the world wide web is almost always going to be slightly questionable and purchasing products online almost always leaves room for disappointment but inspite of that there is still hope for a flawless online transaction from start to finish.

Here are 5 must have’s in ordering your wedding stationery online via Basic Invite:

  1. Color Options: Not just color options, but unlimited color options! Basic Invite let’s customers change the color of each and every aspect of their stationery including text, template designs, and even the card color itself! And with over 180 color choices there are endless mix and match options resulting in the perfectly curated card for any style or theme.

To access more information on 5 Must Have’s When Ordering Your Wedding Stationery, Go over to Bonjour Events at   .

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