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Today’s podcast brings you information from Etouches Blog, Meetings NET, Event Manager Blog and Event Industry News.

First up from today’s posts:

Brad Langley of Etouches Blog writes on Customer Collaboration In The Digital Age:

In this information age of events, old-school tactics like having more meetings and conference calls aren’t nearly enough. The problem is, rather than simplifying event planning, as technology should do, many of these tools have made the job much more complicated. It’s not unusual for planners to report they’re doing three times the work in a fraction of the time to get the same results.

How do you promote full collaboration?

  1. Interactive Bid Summary– This Swiss Army knife of event planning compiles hotel bids in a comprehensive summary that calculates costs and savings automatically, so it’s easy to compare offers. You can add or remove hotels and decline or connect with properties directly from the summary. Then, customize the view to create a professional presentation that prioritizes options for focused discussions that drive faster, more informed decisions. Keep customers in the loop by sharing your interactive bid summary via read-only web link or in a comprehensive, one-click report.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Sue Pelletier writes on 6 Ideas For Interesting Extras That Appeal:

Whether it’s a large association or industry event, or a small intimate event, you can spice it up with creativity. Here are great ideas that can help you achieve this:

  1. Satisfy the senses: Fresh flowers and candles appeal to the olfactory learner (those who remember through smell, but be sure to also provide scent-free zones for the allergic); flowers and colored linens appeal to the visual guests; linens and touchable fixtures appeal to the kinesthetic (those who are tactile and enjoy a sense of touch).

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Next from Event Manager Blog:

EMB writes on 10 Examples Of Strong “Why Attend” Pages:

Attendees often need a little urging to come to your event, not to mention financial approval. To make this easier for all involved craft a “Why Attend” page. Here’s how to do it with ten great examples.

1.      HubSpot’s INBOUND:

This page is captivating. It has a fresh, clean design with the scrolling format and presents easy to glean stats. It also invites people to sign up for emails for event updates and discounts (discounts is one of the key drivers for getting people to sign up for nearly anything), and reasons to attend. Information on the venue and city aren’t tucked away in another tab. They also include links to where HubSpot can be found on social.

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To close the show out we have an article from Event Industry News:

Adam Parry writes on Change Perspective And Make Your Visitors Share Their Experience:

PANORA.ME helps you to magnify your venue and get more impact on social media by providing your participants the kind of selfie they couldn’t do themselves. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic brand activation tool for any of your sponsors, giving them the opportunity to bring an added-value service to the attendees.

The Benefits:

  • PANORA.ME solution is integrated with a mobile app connected to a proprietary superzoom photographic technology.  When the visitor takes a selfie from the dedicated zone, he instantly receives a breath-taking zoom-out video in which the scenery is 100% displayed.


  • PANORA.ME targets various markets in the tourism & entertainment industry: large music and sport event organisers, tourism offices, monuments, museums, theme parks, cruise companies, hotels & resorts.

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