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Today’s podcast brings you information from Event Manager Blog, Events Industry News, Meetings NET and Cvent.


First up from today’s posts:

EMB of Event Management Blog writes on 12 Unique Goody Bag Ideas For The Ultimate Event Swag:

If you want attendees to leave an event delighted about the swag they brought home, splashing the event and goodies across social media and showing off to increase your brand awareness and make them want to come back. Here are 12 unique goody bag ideas for the ultimate event swag:

  1. Adult Coloring Books: With a range of themes available from superheroes, Disney and tribal to swearing, animals and forests there are flexible options to suit every event. These are a popular craze at the moment and can help relax and calm the mind. Adult coloring books are also an excellent ice breaker and can get attendees talking to one another so, make your brand remind attendees of a calmer stress-free time in their lives and pop one of these in the goody bags.


Price Range: $5-$10.

To access more information on 12 Unique Goody Bag Ideas For The Ultimate Event Swag, Go over to Event Managing Blog at www.eventmanagerblog.com   .



Next from Events Industry News:

Adam Parry writes on The Do’s And Don’ts Of Audience Management:


Audience engagement has become one of the most important elements of conferences and events.  As events become ‘interactive experiences’, event planners are continually searching for new software, tech, tools, entertainment and apps that will enable attendees to really get involved. Here, we look at the do’s and don’ts of audience engagement:


  1. Create a Conversation: Build and maintain social media interest before, during and after an event to encourage your attendees to get involved.  Give them hashtags, plenty of photo opportunities and exciting experiences/people to talk about and that will ensure they are interacting online.  It’s all about ease of use and sharing.  Is it easy, convenient and enjoyable for your audience to tweet, share and post snapshots of the event?, Your response should be yes!.

To access more information on The Do’s And Don’ts Of Audience Management, Go over to Events Industry News at www.eventindustrynews.co.uk    .



Next from Meetings NET:


Devin Tani writes on Four Fantastically Creative Ways To Elevate Your Collateral :


As an event planner, how can meeting you create the kind of top-notch collateral that attendees have grown accustomed to while keeping a lid on ever-tighter budgets? In the past, complex and expensive four-color off-set printing was reserved for only the biggest events, but digital printing has dramatically improved over the years and offers all sorts of new capabilities, especially for smaller runs, at affordable prices. Here are a few of the favorite bells and whistles that you may want to consider:


  1. Variable Data: Printers that have “variable data” capability allow you to personalize each and every piece of collateral. Imagine being able to make your welcome packet envelope and leave-behind card just as personal as your in-room gift card. Imprinting a single attendee’s name directly onto a piece was virtually impossible with traditional off-set printing—and certainly out of reach for all but the biggest budgets. Now, with variable data becoming increasingly affordable, this type of one-of-a-kind experience costs a fraction of what you’d expect.


To access more information on Four Fantastically Creative Ways To Elevate Your Collateral, Go over to Meetings NET at www.meetingsnet.com  .




To close the show out we have an article from Cvent Blog:

C.B writes on 5 Types Of Employee Surveys You May Not Know About:

When you think about employee surveys most times you think about conducting surveys to understand employee satisfaction and engagement. However, there are many other types of employee surveys that you could be conducting to get a better understanding of all aspects of the employee lifecycle.

These 5 types of surveys will give you a well-rounded view of your most important assets: your employees:

  1. Engagement Surveys: These are the most common types of employee surveys. Employee engagement surveys are often kept anonymous so employees can be open and honest with their answers. Employee satisfaction surveys are great tools for improving morale within an organization. In fact, it’s generally seen that companies that encourage or engage their employees to provide ideas and suggestions have higher employee retention rates and job satisfaction. Give your employees a chance to share insights and suggestions, and you’ll have invaluable information that can be acted upon to increase workplace satisfaction and improve business processes.

To access more information on 5 Types Of Employee Surveys You May Not Know About, Go over to Cvent Blog at https://meetingminds.cvent.com   .



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