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First up from today’s posts:

Lanyon of Event Manager Blog writes on How To Increase Attendance By 100+%:

Streamlining the registration process can have a big impact on workload and numbers. This case study shares how one event increased attendance by over 100% and saved countless hours of administration time and how you too can do and achieve this same:

  1. Event Promotion:

A cloud based event management software made it easier for the planners to inform court employees of upcoming events. Planners could now simply upload their contact lists into the system and then build and schedule emails to send directly from the product. This also ensured that emails had a consistent look and feel and matched their brand and registration sites.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Kesley Dixon writes on 5 Ways To Integrate Social Media Into Your Communication Plan:

Word can spread like wildfire in a matter of seconds through social media, whether the issue is something as small as the room temperature, or as big as an evacuation of the venue.

It’s no longer a question of whether you should include social media in your communication plan; it must be an essential piece of your strategy. Here are five tips to get started, focusing on the types of issues that regularly occur at events.

  1. Identifyallpossible outcomes of the interactions with your program, venue, catering, hotel partner, speakers, Wi-Fi, baggage storage, mobile app, etc. Draft sample responses to all outcomes in 140 characters or less and include helpful links to direct people.

For example, what if you receive a complaint about the temperature of the room? (Who hasn’t?!) Here are variations of responses to draft:

  • If they alert us to the problem, but don’t specify location:

-Thanks for alerting us. Where are you located? We will immediately alert staff to assess. EVENT HASHTAG

  • If they specify the problem & location:
    -Thanks for alerting us, staff is on its way to appropriately adjust temperature. EVENT HASHTAG
  • If our team is already addressing the problem:
    -Thanks for reaching out. Our staff is aware and adjusting appropriately. EVENT HASHTAG

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Next from Cvent:

MP writes on 5 Ways To Save On Even Costs:

When the words “event” and “budget cuts” are used together, other words can spring to mind: “cheap” and “lacking.” In reality, however, it’s possible to reduce the budget for your function and still deliver great attendee experiences.

Follow these 5 ways to save on event costs:

  1. Be open-minded. Just because a conference is traditionally held at a certain hotel around a particular date doesn’t mean it’s written in stone. Check out other affordable venues and even adjust the dates to further reduce costs. Also play with the event schedule. You could, for example, start the conference in the afternoon to eliminate breakfast and lunch from your budget.

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To close the show out we have an article from Yapsody Blog:

YB writes on 5 Fascinating Ideas For Event Effective Blog Posts:

Blog has become crucial for event websites. A well-written blog post does a tremendous job in marketing your event. Otherwise, a bad post that lacks punch fails to deliver the message and drives away readers. However, writing an event blog is not difficult if you keep in mind these guidelines:

  1. Writing for whom and what

The foremost thing before writing a blog is to figure out what and for whom you are going to write. Know your target audience and what they seek for. Keep their interest in mind while writing. Your blog can be solution-based; tweak the blog in such a way that you are answering their queries but it must not end up like a ‘Question-Answer’ round. It can talk about the nature of event, what the audience can expect, or facilities they will get. The blog can also be about some great newsworthy happenings relevant to your event, and interviews with performers or speakers.

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