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Today’s podcast brings you information from Event Manager Blog, Coolmundane Blogs, Meetings NET and Plan Your Meetings.

First up from today’s posts:

Julius Solaris of Event Manger Blog writes:  Who’s The Ken Bone Of Your Events?

Ken Bone is unanimously the winner of the latest presidential debate. Do you have a Ken Bone in your event?

During the last presidential debate, one of the crudest ever, there was a moment of happiness catalysed by Ken Bone. In a revolutionary debate format, entirely centered around questions from the audience – the whole Internet stopped when a member of the audience, Ken Bone, took the mic. He understood that:

  1. The Need to Share Always Win

Ken Bone was praised for his ability to convey a powerful message in a simple way. He was praised for his amazing sweater and honest demeanor. He won over the internet also for his immense drive to capture a moment of the event by using a disposable camera.

You can ban technology as much as you want at your event. Sometimes it is a great idea to keep the focus on the event or to avoid sensible information to be shared. But you have to deal with the fact that modern attendees want to grab a piece of the action. They want to immortalize themselves into the event and show it to their friends.

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Next from Coolmundane Blogs:

Cleah Rose writes on Event Planning Options:

Planning of events, of any kind, can be done in one shop at one time? We have a lot of it nowadays. Small events like christenings to big events like weddings need to be well planned in order for you to achieve a successful one. In doing so, the planning must be done ahead of time. However, if you do not have ample time to prepare for it, there is such a thing as event planners to do it for you. They do services such as planning from the beginning to the “on-the-day” execution of the activities depending on the wishes of the client.

  • The Event Checklist: Any event needs a check list in order for you not to overlook things which are important during the event itself. That is why there are event planners who, coordinate with you and plan with you from the first day to the last day. They do services such as hands on or just assisting.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Angela Gaffney writes on 3 Easy Ways To Meet All Your Attendees’ Food Needs:

Allergies, sensitivities, and food preferences can be tough to manage, to think that we can please every attendee at every meeting might be a stretch, but when it comes to meal planning, there are some easy steps you can take to ensure everyone’s food needs are met.  Here are some guidelines you can share with your chef to make things easier:

  1. Plan around the top food allergens:
    The allergies and sensitivities you will need to honor most often are wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, and shellfish. This list can seem quite daunting, but chefs know there are plenty of cost-effective ways to work around these allergens to create a healthy menu for all. The more you can create menus that avoid these allergens, the few special meal requests the chef will receive. For plated meals, ask the chef to focus on whole foods when creating the menu, while avoiding gluten and dairy. Accompany the main meat or fish entrée with beautiful salads and a lot of vegetables. The chef can still get creative and provide a signature touch with spices, rubs, and savory sauces.

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To close the show out we have an article from Plan Your Meetings:

Anne Brown writes on 8 Essential Event Security Details For Planners:

Every new safety and security incident is a wake-up call for meeting and event professionals. The bottom line is that events and venues can be vulnerable. Wherever large crowds congregate can be tempting targets for terrorists or “lone wolves” with psychiatric problems. Even false alarms can send crowds into a panic.

Areas to be assessed include:

  • reviewing the venues emergency procedures
  • determining if venue and event personnel have emergency procedures training
  • determining how easily the general public can gain access
  • ensuring that there are enough security cameras and that they are actively monitored
  • identifying entrances, gates and doors that it is important to secure
  • identifying potential hazards and hazardous areas should be cordoned
  • locating fire exits
  • ensuring ease of access for ambulances, police and fire trucks in case of an emergency
  • locations for first aid and emergency services personnel

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