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Today’s podcast brings you information from Event Manager Blog, Velvet Chainsaw, Cvent and Etouches Blog.

First up from today’s posts:

EMB of Event Manager Blog writes on 10 Unmistakable Signs Your Event is About To Fail:

The sooner you can recognize the signs that your event is going from bad to worse, the better. If you watch carefully, you can see them growing more and more unsteady, wobbling, faltering. If you recognize it early enough you can correct it.

Sometimes it’s not as obvious as you think to know if your event is failing though, so watch for these early indicators:

1.      No One Is Talking About Your Event:

As the old saying goes: hate is not the opposite of love, indifference is. Indifference is a total lack of emotion. With indifference, your audience doesn’t care enough about the event to give it any of their time. Whether people love or hate your event, they should be talking about it. If they aren’t, you have a problem.

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Next from Velvet Chainsaw:

Jeff Hurt writes on Our Increased Distrust Of Institutions And What It Means To Your Association, Conference:

We are witnessing the rise of the Dones, groups of people that are done with traditional, outdated institutions. Go ahead and think about any type of institution. Big business, conferences, education, government, medicine, membership associations, nonprofits, professional societies, religious organizations, trade organizations, etc. It has already started happening in the association and meetings industry. People are not joining and attending (as they did in the past). But it doesn’t mean they don’t care about networking and professional development. They’re just finding new and different ways to get them.

Here are three things we must adopt to increase trust:

1. Participation Not Dictation

The traditional model of the expert lecturing to the audience is dead. If you want to increase trust, we have to find ways to increase conference registrant’s participation. We have to decrease our reliance on selling passive consumption. Conference participants want to ask questions, discuss important issues and uncover new ways to solve challenges. They can’t do this by sitting and only listening.

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Next from Cvent:

Traci Browne writes on 3 Ways To Add Instagramable Moments To Your Event:

Few event organizers have the resources to jump on every new app that comes out. You simply do not have the time to learn and add yet another platform to your list. That’s okay, as long as you make room for how attendees use those platforms at your event. Here are 3 ways to add colorful moments to your event:

·         Photo Worthy Happenings

One way to encourage people to take pictures, is by having photo worthy happenings at your event. Naturally gravitate to the exciting things happening at the show every day to pose for selfies and then share them on their social media channels.

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To close the show out we have an article from Etouches Blog:

Mike Mason writes on How To Successfully Book Space-Only Meetings:

Have you even been tasked with booking a space-only meeting? If you have, then you understand the struggle. If you haven’t yet, you need to be prepared for when that day will come so you don’t break out in an itchy rash from stress!

Whether it’s a one-day employee rally, a dinner meeting, or a 14-city roadshow, it’s pretty much always painful to try to rent meeting space when you have little or no sleeping rooms.

The go-to option would be to eliminate hotels from your list all together, opting for restaurants, event spaces or club houses. However, hotels want your business you just need to know how to approach them.

To guide you in booking your next space-only meeting, you need to start with POMS, Principles of Meeting Space.

  • Space is the number one asset:
    Hotels can’t sell their sleeping rooms to groups if they don’t have meeting space to match the availability. That means that the hotel’s most precious asset isn’t its sleeping rooms but rather its meeting space. With this in mind, how and when you use that space will be key to whether the hotel can sell it to you or not.

To access more information on How To Successfully Book Space-Only Meetings, Go over to Etouches Blog at

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