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Today’s podcast brings you information from Event Manager Blog, Meeting NET, Special Events and Convention Planit.

First up from today’s posts:
EMB of Event Manager Blog writes on 10 Phrases To Avoid That Makes You Sound Unprofessional:

Language can affect how people see you and you want to be taken seriously, whether it is with your clients, your boss or your colleagues. If you say the wrong thing it could reflect poorly on you or your organization and you might be viewed as not eventprof material.

Here are a list of phrases that should be avoided at all costs if you are looking to make a good impression:

        1. “It’s not my fault”
Translation: it may or may not be my fault but I am too afraid to admit it. Either way and I’m definitely not taking responsibility for it.
When you refuse to be held accountable for your actions you will find that people will stop wanting to work with you. It doesn’t really matter whether something is your fault or not, what matters is how you can deal with it from then on. If there is an issue with something at your event as the event manager you sometimes have to take ownership of the situation even if it isn’t strictly your fault. For example if a speaker or supplier has let you down the important thing is to find a solution, not argue who is to blame.

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Next from Meetings NET

Sue Pelletier writes on 3 Strategies To Emotionally Connect Attendees To Your Event:

When your show draws more than 3,200 attendees from 60 countries, as IMEX America did this year in Las Vegas, the task of customizing the experience for each seems overwhelming. But while it is challenging, it can be done.

Here are some of the strategies the IMEX Group used to connect attendees with each other, with exhibitors, and with the show.

  1. It’s all about giving people choices.
    Some people want to party, others want to meditate. Some are all about networking, for others education reigns supreme. There’s no one way to accommodate all those different agendas, other than giving people as many options as is feasible to get what they want from the event.
  2. Make it easy for attendees to meet their “tribes.”
    While a lot of activities focus on connecting buyers and sellers, it’s important to help buyers find peers who they can connect with and learn from, and potentially form relationships that last after the booths are packed up and shipped home.

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Next from Special Events:

Sue Pelletier writes on 7 Savvy Steps To Plan Your Summer Event:

The sun is out and summer events are just around the corner. No matter what type of event you’re planning this season, summer brings a different vibe and a different set of expectations for attendees.

These seven steps will ensure a sensational summer event:

    What better time to show off a lush landscape or unbelievable view than during a summer event? Select a venue that celebrates the season–whether that’s by the pool or with a gorgeous patio for cocktail hour. Of course, with the season’s beauty so often comes the season’s unbearable heat. Be sure your venue has equal indoor space where guests can come inside and cool off. Not sure how to furnish an outdoor event? CORT’s Blofield Collection is classy, fun and comfortable from the beach to the boardwalk and everywhere in between.

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To close the show out we have an article from Convention Planit:

Ashley Chalmers writes on New Trends Affecting Convention Room Blocks:

The economy is showing signs of improvement and hotels are reporting record profits. Yet the trends that are affecting convention room blocks today as well as vexing meeting planners are rooted in the past trials of the Great Recession. Below is how new trends are affecting convention room blocks:

  1. Supply & Demand

There’s no doubt we’re in a seller’s market and many say we may be headed for a ‘buyer’s market.’ Cyclical timing is critical for hotels capitalizing during gainful times while making up for previous losses from ‘buyer market’ years. Supply and demand in any given time plays a major role. In cities that refrained from hotel ‘new builds’ during the bubble years, group room availability is now in low supply. As a result, these cities are experiencing an upswing in demand and attaining higher rates with new developments on the horizon. Hotels in boom-towns often impose a 30 day convention cut-off date to sell their rooms to higher rated short term business travelers.

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