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Today’s podcast brings you information from Etouches Blog, Meetings NET, Event Manager Blog and Phisigmapi Blog.

First up from today’s posts:

Mike Mason of Event Planning writes on Add Value To Your Event With Hotel Concessions:

Concessions are the “special deals”, typically discounts or complimentary services you would like the hotel to include in their proposal. Those deals can include waived parking fees, complimentary WiFi, suite upgrades, food & beverage discounts, VIP amenities, and more. These extras can help make the experience for your attendees that much better, without breaking your budget.

Hotels expect to see a few concessions included in your RFP, and it helps your sales manager to understand what is important to your event to deliver a knockout proposal. Here are some of the most popular hotel concessions to consider for your RFP, along with a description of how to request them:

Basic Concessions

Concession #1: Complimentary Guest Rooms

Possibly the most popular request, this concession gives your company “credit” for your group’s guest room pickup by rebating one room-night’s charge for every x number of room-nights that your group uses.

Request: “1 complimentary room-night for every 50 rooms picked up, cumulative.” (This is often abbreviated to “1 per 50 comp.”)

For example, if you pick up 50 room-nights, no matter how many days it takes to get to 50 room-nights, you’ll get one room-night free. Pick up 150 room-nights, you’ll get 3 complimentary room-nights.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Neen James writes on You Value Your Speakers, So Why Are You Discounting Them?:

Speakers sell the invisible. The intangible. The possible. They create feelings in your attendees that cause them to take action at work, at home, and in their communities. And yet, all too often, even $10,000-a-gig professional speakers get that dreaded call from a meeting planner. You know, that one that goes something like this: “We are a non-profit—we need a discount.” Or, “We have no budget, but we can give you great exposure.”

Here’s some of their advice:

  1. Look for partnership opportunities.
    Check to see if any of the companies attending or the event sponsors would be willing to cover the portion of the fee that the event can’t. There are folks that actually find ways to hold workshops in conjunction with the event so as to make up the fee.

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Next from Event Manager Blog:

Christina Green writes on 8 Ways To End Attendee Early Departure:

Are you worried about attendees leaving your event early?. No one leaves the concert of their favorite band early. No one leaves a sporting final that comes down to the wire and no one leaves anything when they are having the time of their lives. However, people are notorious for leaving conferences early, sometimes missing out on whole days. If you’re wondering how to keep attendees there until the bitter end, try these favorite suggestions:

1.       End Things with a Blast:

Ever watch a fireworks display and notice that they end the show with a little tiny fizzle of light? Of course not! Because they don’t. They end with a huge finale that is almost too much to take in, your eyes racing across the sky to watch one go off after another and just when you think you’ve found a favorite, another spectacular set goes off. Your event should be the same way. End with a party that gets hyped throughout the multi-day event and you’ll be more likely to have attendees who stay.

To access more information on 8 Ways To End Attendee Early Departure, Go over to Event Manager Blog at

To close the show out we have an article from Phisigmapi Blog.:

Phi Sigma writes on Steps For Planning A Successful Service Event:

How can you best support a cause? If you’re supporting a specific organization the best way to find how you can help is by contacting them. Maybe they don’t need donations, but could really use some physical help. You want to make sure that you are supporting them in the way that best suit their need.

Here are the steps for planning a successful service event, big or small!

  1. Identify a cause.
    You first have to either identify what you are passionate about or identify a local philanthropy that you would like to support. Ask your Members to give their ideas or offer three suggestions and take it to a vote. Pick causes that your Members are passionate about.
  2. Brainstorm how you can help.
    The three main ways that you can support a cause is by
  • raising awareness
  • raising funds
  • or physical work.

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