MPN124— The Likely Mistakes Of Event Budgeting.

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First up from today’s posts:

Lorenzo Neri of Event Manager Blog writes on 5 Mistakes You Are Making With Your Event Budget:

Without money there is no event and without the event there may be no money. The event budget is vital to the success or failure of your project. This how-to guide explains what you should be thinking about and common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Positive Behaviour

Everyone involved in the event budget process should look at each specific case, rather than replicating the past. Think about a new situation with enthusiasm and try to understand key problems related to the budgeting of this specific event.

  1. Too Detailed

“The devil is in the details” is a common way to express the necessity to look deeply at all figures. When you create a budget do not make the mistake of trying to break the revenues, the costs, cash inflow and cash outflow in too much detail.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Sue Pelletier writes on 3 Cybersecurity Questions You Need To Answer Now:

Do you know just how vulnerable your meetings, and your attendees, are to being hacked by a cyber criminal?. Start thinking about port scanners, vulnerability checkers, password crackers, denial-of-service attackers, tools to hack passwords from wireless networks, and tools to launch brute-force attacks against Wi-Fi–protected setups to snag Wi-Fi–protected access passkeys.

Here’s what you need to know to keep your attendees’, and your organization’s, data secure.

  1. Who and What Can Put You at Risk?
    “Anything that attaches to your computer can do you harm”. So those flashdrives that your speakers want to plug into your system—what assurances do you have that they aren’t infected? Mobile apps are popular hacker targets—how secure is your meeting app? All it takes is one attendee to pass along your meeting’s Wi-Fi password to make it insecure—what measures do you have in place to make sure it stays secure?

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Next from Master The Event:

Randy Markus writes on Why Event Checklists Are Worth Using:

No matter the event type or size. Planning events definitely includes a whole host of tasks, lists, undertakings and yes anxiety. Not to mention the emails, agenda items and deadlines. Here is the importance of event checklist:

  1. Layout: When generating an event checklist, it should include all the information that is needed to successfully plan that event. Like snowflakes every event is different. So it’s imperative that the checklist items reflect the event you’re organizing. First stop, understand the event objectives and goals. Then identify the categories, tasks (pre and post), timelines, logistics and deadlines. And every other responsibility and undertaking to ensure it’s on your checklist.

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To close the show out we have an article from Yapsody Blog.:

YB writes on How To Measure The Success Of Your Event Promotion In Social Media:

You have left no stones unturned in social media marketing your event. Yet, what is the guarantee that people have seen it? All these promotions are going to amount to nothing if people don’t see your promotion. There is no way you can be sure of getting consumers if you aren’t sure of the success of your event marketing on social media.

What you need is some organized way of measuring how effective your event marketing on social media has been. Here are tools for calculating the impact of your social media stint:

  1. Twitter Analytics

This tool of Twitter allows users to estimate the engagement their post has had with the other users of Twitter. All the data are provided to the user in a demographic format. Users can check the graphs of followers’ interests their location and other information. You can also see the number of views, shares and retweets that your post has invited.

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