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First up from today’s posts:

Kelli White of Event Manager Blog writes on 10 Reasons Why Your Clients Ask For Discount And What To Do About It:

There are a variety of reasons why a client might need or desire a lower price, but finding a way to maintain your business while valuing your client relationships is important. Sometimes you may be able to negotiate a discount and at other times you may need to stay strong, say no and walk away. The key is knowing when and how to manage your prices and maintaining your client good will.

Here are 10 different scenarios all eventprofs will encounter and how to handle them:

1.Providing Referrals:

Setting up a referral program can pay big dividends for your business. When a client refers someone else to your services you should find a way to reward them. This might be a discount on future services or perhaps a discount for the customer they referred. Depending on the type of services you provide, over time you will find what works best for you. Ultimately word of mouth is a very important tool in the events industry and you must find a way to appreciate people for sending business your way.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Angela Gaffney writes on Balance Is A Myth: 5 Secrets To Fufilment:

Creating life balance is about being present and feeling fulfilled in all areas of life. When you achieve this, you’ll feel emotionally and physically balanced and live life in a positive, passionate way.

The key to creating fulfillment is to follow some very simple rules:

  1. Breathe

Breathing is free, portable, and life-changing. Stop what you’re doing. Place both feet flat on the floor, relax your shoulders, close your eyes, and place one hand on your belly while the other rests on your lap. Now use your nose to inhale, filling every part of your belly full of air. Pause at the top of the inhalation and then exhale through the mouth. Repeat often

  1. Be Present

When we take things one step at a time and focus on the task at hand, we are more productive and less stressed. Break the multi-tasking cycle and begin accomplishing one “to-do” at a time. This provides us space to think clearly, be direct about our goals, and structure the day to achieve them.

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Next from Cvents:

Anne Brown writes on 9 Meeting Planning Mistakes to Avoid:

To ensure that meetings flow smoothly and achieve desired results, there are a number of things to keep in mind. Bearing this in mind, here are some common pitfalls to avoid when designing and running meetings:

Failing to Stage Manage the Senior Management Team

If the meeting planner does not get buy-in from this level of management, executives who just turn up for the meeting can easily derail it. They can make comments that undermine the facilitator, agendas can be set aside, ;and they can make last minute changes in food and beverage arrangements that disrupt the flow of the meeting. It is important to remember that the most senior person present is the meeting sponsor.

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To close the show out we have an article from Plan Your Meetings:

Anne Brown writes on 8 Essential Event Security Details For Planners:

Every new safety and security incident is a wake-up call for meeting and event professionals. Here are ways to secure your event security:

  1. Conduct A Risk Assessment:

There are companies that specialize in this area. They will even travel to foreign destinations and do a full audit of the hotels, resorts and event venues under consideration.

Areas to be assessed include:

  • reviewing the venues emergency procedures
  • determining if venue and event personnel have emergency procedures training
  • determining how easily the general public can gain access
  • ensuring that there are enough security cameras and that they are actively monitored
  • identifying entrances, gates and doors that it is important to secure
  • identifying potential hazards and hazardous areas should be cordoned
  • locating fire exits
  • ensuring ease of access for ambulances, police and fire trucks in case of an emergency
  • locations for first aid and emergency services personnel

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