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Today’s podcast brings you information from Etouches Blog, Meetings NET, Event Manager Blog and Hiroes Blog.

First up from today’s posts:

Brad Langley of Etouches Blog writes on Manage Your Event Planning Time More Efficiently:

Can you get more done working one hour instead of five or 10? You bet you can.

During the past few years, we’ve worked hard to amp up productivity, so planners can work smarter, not longer. Let’s face it, no one is born with an innate gift of efficiency. This skill takes a lot of practice, as well as good technology. By automating jobs you’d normally spend hours doing yourself, technology frees you up to focus on things that matter in a big way, like deepening customer relations and growing your business.

Here are five ways they can help you and your team communicate more effectively and better manage your business.

  1. Easy Reporting – No need to hunt through mounds of data to create customer reports. illuminate3P is the industry’s first solution able to produce detailed savings and spend reports by customer. It captures and segments data not only by customer, but also by event to provide a snapshot of your total spend, negotiated savings, spend by month and more. You can produce attractive, easy-to-read reports for each customer in a couple of clicks.

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Next from Meetings NET:

Sue Pelletier writes on 25 Ways Speakers Can Promote Your Event:

A speaker is responsible for more than just being fabulous at your event. As busy meeting professionals you can and should expect more from your speakers.

There are many zero-budget ways speakers can add value to your next event and make you (and your event) look like a rock star! Take a look at this list and then ask your speakers how they would like to help you promote your event.

Before the event, ask your speakers to:

  1. Add the event details and a link to your event’s agenda on their website.
  2. Update their e-mail signature to include a link to your event registration page.
  3. Promote your event on their social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and TripIt.

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Next from Event Manager Blog:

Julius Solaris writes on Does Event ROI Exist?:

Most planners hear event ROI and their minds immediately go to events that are sales or lead driven – the events that bring in the big bucks like tradeshows or exhibitions. And if you are thinking of event ROI in that manner then does it really exist for all events?

And if your event doesn’t perform well, then you won’t achieve a positive ROI whether it’s measured in dollars, brand image, client satisfaction or a ton of other benefits. So how do you get your event to perform the way that you want it to with happy staff, happy attendees and, of course, happy stakeholders?

1.      Setting Goals. Measuring Those Goals. Analyzing the Results:

Take an internal training meeting as an example. As an in-house event planner you are tasked with organizing an internal meeting for your entire organization. This meeting’s purpose is to inform all employees on the state of the organization and offer up training sessions where they can learn useful sales skills to bring back to their everyday work life. The goal of this meeting is to have your employees leave with more knowledge on the organization, new skills, new relationships and more. How do you track that? Through surveys, matchmaking in an event app, pushing them sessions that relate to their job role and much more. Then post-event, analyze the results and with some extra due diligence, you can see if your team put into practice what they learned months down the road.

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To close the show out we have an article from Hiroes Blog:

Salome Houta writes on Why Field Marketing Can Be Your Best Marketing Tool:

Field marketing is to Event-planning what the Beast is to the Beauty: an unlikely association. Exit traditional field marketing. Make space for creative and imaginative operations. But for that, a blend of field marketing and event-planning is essential. Here I how you can explore the world of creative field marketing for events:

  1. Find a champion sales rep

This will make or break your event. If you try to force an event when the rep isn’t convinced by your product, you can bet it won’t be successful. You may be drawn to a high-footfall locations, but if your reps aren’t supportive, the result won’t be there. Especially in crowded spaces where it’s hard to talk to people. They need to be as convinced as you are about your product, not afraid to stop people in the streets and passionately talk to them.

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