Purpose and Strategy of Your Association Podcast

There are some questions before you start producing your association podcast

First order of business is the purpose and strategy of the show.  Why do you want to do it?  How will it help your membership? How will you leverage the content?  What is the revenue streams you will implement out of the gate. 

Who will host the show? Any co-hosts? 

What are the types of topics to be discussed, which guests will resonate with your membership?

Who will coordinate booking show guests?

Episode length (10-15 min, 30-40 min, 50-60 min?) Hardcore history podcast is 6 hours long sometimes. 

Frequency of episodes (How many each month or week?)

We recommend you think about doing seasons of shows.  Like 8, 6 or 10. Let your audience know.

Would you like to plan a regular recording schedule? (Example: the first and third Thursdays of the month at 11am)

Who, internally, will be assigned to write the episode summary (text) for each episode? (Usually includes things like topics discussed, points made, guest contact information, promotions, etc.)