Three reasons to have a Podcast Stage at your annual conference or event.

Pedio Teeth Talk Podcasting Production for Associations
1) An excellent way to get your industry influencers in a more intimate setting for interviews or short talks.  Great way to enhance your podcast feed with the excitement of your live events.
2) Excellent new revenue stream.  The stage gives exhibitors and partners more support and a chance to be recorded a podcast and get in front of your live audience to add value. (not sell) The stage itself is a branding opportunity for exhibitors.  Seat drops are also an opportunity.   An excellent way to introduce your exhibitors to your association podcast and how they can have the ears of your audience when the banner and booths come down.
3) Promote your podcast to your members. As your podcast takes off, member listeners want to put faces with the voices on your podcast.  Get them involved by holding member interviews on stage about subjects that can be of value to other members. Produce these interviews into valuable industry podcast topic episodes.  Another option is to video the conference podcast stage to share on Youtube, LinkedIn, and Facebook.  Transcribe podcast interviews to be broken up into blog posts or articles for industry periodicals and websites.