A common question from our new clients is:

How long should my association podcast be in length?

My stock answer?  As long as it needs to be.  Many of the top podcasts like the Joe Rogan podcast show are sometimes 3 hours. The famously long podcast Hardcore History longest podcast is six hours. Yes, six hours!  I saw him speak at a conference he explained he records as he researches the topic.  He might be the only one who does this.

Since the early years, the best length historically was 20- 30 minutes.  This was the amount of time someone commuted or was on the exercise bike at the gym.  Probably pretty correct. Research has said it is 22 minutes is the sweet spot for listeners.

The best way to test this is to look in Apples Podcast Connect and look under episode overview and see where shows tend to drop off. Also, make sure to look to see what is resonating as subjects for your episodes.

I do think my first answer is the correct one. “As long as it needs to be.” If you are not editing your podcast, start editing now.  Cut out any banter and get to the meat of your show right away.  Cut out any other non-essential parts of your show. Your listeners will appreciate it.

Another thing to think about is what is evergreen? Many podcasters are finding their catalog of shows is viable long after the release date. So keep this in mind when editing. I was just editing a show today I am producing to be launched soon called What’s America’s Purpose, and they were discussing a football game between the 49ers and Falcons coming up.  Not relevant, so it hit the cutting room floor for evergreen purposes.  So remember, an evergreen podcast episode continues to be relevant because it isn’t hampered by time. It never goes out of date. Listeners can enjoy it at any time and still get value from it.

Remember, podcasting isn’t a sprint but a marathon.  So get started now and start testing.  Eric Nuzum of NPR fame spoke at one of my association meetings recently and said. “In 1997 we had as many websites as we do right now podcasts.”

This translates to you might want to get started podcasting now as your members want to hear from you and expect a podcast sooner than later. You are the leader of your industry so be there for your members.

Always happy to help so shoot us a note.