A podcast is an excellent way to market your nonprofit. Organizations that are 501(c)(3) have already gone to the trouble, time, and expense to create the nonprofit, so it is essential to market it. A podcast is a low cost-effective way to build awareness and produce revenue.

Podcasts connecting plus engage with your target audience and provide them the intimacy of audio and the on-demand media. Thinking about generations and how they consume media should be at the forefront of your podcast plan.

Generation Z is one of the groups you should be thinking about targeting for your nonprofit podcast. They are more aware of the future than millennials. They also embrace technology, which podcasting has its roots. Many nonprofits are finding targeting Gen Z’ers is an excellent option as they want to make a difference in the world and contribute at an early age.

Social media has exploded, and apps like Tikitok, Instagram Reddit, and Twitter are effective ways to share your podcast and ideas around it.

Podcasts should be targeted for your nonprofit audience. Episodes can help you convert conversions of donations. By trying different calls to actions on the show, you can start to build value and revenue. If you segment your audience, you can be sure to cover their needs. Thinking about the perfect listener avatar and their supporter journey, you will have a compelling podcast. Think about critical verticals—membership, volunteering, research, events, fundraising, etc.

When starting a nonprofit Podcast, the most important thing is every single episode is packed with value and is a story. Storytelling is the golden grail for compelling nonprofit podcasts. Concentrate on making it easy to share on social media for maximum engagement.

Conclusion: Now is the time to start a nonprofit podcast. If you need help with strategy, planning and production reach out to us here at Podcasting4Associations.com