Starting a Membership Podcast for my Association (Step 1)

Since our members are holed up in their homes waiting out the Corona Virus many associations have utilized podcasting as a way to connect with them.  Our clients have stepped up production and releasing more podcasts,

Here is a quick series of blog posts to get started.

My first advice always is not to worry about equipment.

The goal of an engaging member podcast is to make sure you know your audience. (which membership organizations do)

Recommendation for the first steps:
Make a list of topics your team feels would add the most value. Say 30 topics.
Email/call 30 industry influencers or leaders tell them you are starting a podcast and what do they think about the 30 topics.
When the influencers respond, ask them if they might be interested in being a guest (if you plan on an interview show) or contribute if it isn’t.
Grab your list of exhibitors from your last annual conference and call/email them and say you are starting this podcast and share your topics. Ask what they think will resonate with your members. They know the likes and dislikes of your members differently. Ask them if they might like to contribute. (you will reach back out to them for advertising and sponsorship later)
Get your top 10 topics from the list of 30.
Then send a short survey, call/email 30+ members on what they want to sort of episodes that would add value for them. Share your top ten topics. (industry news, case studies, how to’s, industry leaders interviews) after you release some episodes you can see from the downloads what resonates with your member/listeners.

Shoot us an email if you need help getting your topics in order.

Tomorrow- building an avatar.