If you haven’t read Starting a Membership Podcast for my Association (Step 1). Please give it a quick read.

To produce a successful, focused podcast build a perfect listener or what I like to call the association podcast avatar technique. This is the person you are always talking to when you are formulating your podcast episodes. Give that listener a name (Harry/ Sally, etc.).

Find a random picture of this fictional Sally and print it out. Then have your team always focus on this avatar when you are scripting out shows- even if it is an interview. When formulating questions and doing research, always say would “Sally” like this? Is this important to “Sally”?

Example of Sally: She is 35 years old, a Bachelors’s degree, lives in Jacksonville, Florida, owns a plumbing business, a member of the Florida plumbers association for five years, commutes 25 minutes to a from work each day, and never has listened to a work-related podcast.

It may seem silly to talk about your podcast avatar “Sally,” but you will find your shows will be more targeted and consumed by members if you use the association podcast avatar technique.

Please reach out if you have any questions.