You have been tasked with starting your Association membership podcast.

Where do you start?


First should be some research into industry topics and what exactly you think will resonate with your members.

Why are you starting this member podcast?  What are your members seeking out? What stories or conversations do they look for in their industry or to help them solve problems?

This is where your Avatar or Avatars come in.  Who are you going to be talking to for every episode? The more you can narrow this down the better off you are in creating engagement.

Build Your Avatar

Answer these questions

Name of your avatar -(John, Mary, Frank, etc.)




Tile/Job function



Where do they get their information? Books, magazines, conferences, blogs, gurus?

Challenges- (industry, business, personal, etc.)

Pain Points- (What are the main pain points)

Find a picture of this fictional person.and print it out.

Podcast Focus

“Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customers’ (members) mind.” Robert Collier

After you have a good idea of who your fictional avatar then makes sure every episode is focused on this person.

Come up with 35 topics you think your avatar would resonate with.

Come up with 35 influencers who you think might add value to your podcast as interviews.

Call up 25-50 members and ask them if your top 10 topics from your 35 topics and see what they think.

Then ask them who they would like to hear from on the podcast? Who are the influencers they want to hear from?

Who has the best stories from your industries, best case studies or interesting stories from your industry?

Finally, call all the influencers you and your members came up with and ask them about your topics and what do they think. Ask them if they might like to be on the podcast.