1- Build avatars of your audience. Focus on what will add value to members and partners.
2- Make an extensive list of top topics that will resonate best with members and partners.
3- Decide on the top 10. Start to research these topics and build out scripts for five episodes
4- Decide on the frequency of podcast releases. The goal is to make your episodes a habit for your audience. Will be it released daily? Weekly? Bi-weekly? Or monthly?
5- Decide on the purpose or goal of your podcast – Retaining members? Increase association products? Increasing traffic to Association. Increase income? Providing information to your industry?
6- Decide on the length. 5 minutes? 20 minutes? Hour-long? You show should be as long as it needs to be.
7- Decide on the format of your podcast. Solo show? Interview based? Storytelling/case studies?
8- Decide on the hosting program.
6- Figure out equipment and software based on the type of show you are producing.
7- Produce artwork, music, intro, and outro for the show.
8- Produce Trailer for show. Think short 2-minute movie trailer that encompasses what your show is about and value it will add.
9- Register show with Apple Podcasts.
10- Register podcast with all the leading distribution and mobile apps.
8- Plan recording session.
9- Record, post, promote.
10- Check if goals for the audience. Concentrate on adding value, not downloads.

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