Are you thinking of conducting interviews for your member podcast episodes? Here are some things to remember when producing a guest interview for your association or membership-based podcast for your industry.

Things you’ll need to do:

Research every guest thoroughly. Are they right for your industry? Are they an association member with a great story? It is essential to have as much information as possible and will provide the interviewer and give the guest a higher level of comfort to produce a fantastic podcast interview your members will find valuable.

Make sure you have the correct spelling of their name and check the pronunciation of the guest’s name.
All contact info: Email, phone (also in case you get disconnected during the interview), website URL, headshot, bio, any service or product url’s they talk about.

Before the Interview:
Know where you want the interview to go. What is the value of this interview to your audience? What would your ideal listener want to know or find value in? Make sure they have stories or case studies to share.

Send a or call to remind the interviewee the day before. Give all connection information and technical requirements like microphone selection, a quiet place to record, hard line to the computer if possible instead of wifi, make sure to ask to turn off the phone and computer alerts(if virtual) glass of water or a favorite beverage handy.

Schedule a pre-call and talk about the expectations of your ideal listener avatar. This is a great time to discuss microphones and share your pre-interview interviewee checklist above. You can give them a list of questions if you desire. Talk about interview questions and see if they can have stories ready.

After the interview, follow up with a thank-you email right away. A quick note to say thank you. Tell the interviewee another email will be coming with links to ask them to share via social media. A handwritten note in the mail is always a good idea at the end of the process and thank them for sharing the interview.

If you follow these simple steps, you will be well on your way to an engaging podcast episode.