This morning I was listening to a podcast by Mozilla called the IRL Podcast

It struck me as a future trailhead for association podcasts to follow.  

Associations famously produce studies, research, and reports for the industries they lead. In the IRL podcast, they provide content for maximum learning and comprehension. Associations should note that members would benefit significantly from this type of storytelling. The facts and data can be shared by the written report on a website, but the audio podcast gives the members or story participants the voice to provide maximum impact. 

With an engaging podcast, the content and research can be brought to life. The complementary website can give more extended interviews, photos, transcripts, documentation, and portraits of all involved. A true benefit for those who want the content.

Associations pride themselves on connection and community. Podcasts are a great way to tell the actual story of the actual people. While written words via the real study and the added content.

Pairing an engaging podcast with a website that gives all the supporting data a member or industry needs seems like an exciting opportunity.  

Check out the podcast episodes:

About the podcast:

“This is the fifth edition of Mozilla’s Internet Health Report, and the first time we are digging deeper into just one critical topic for the internet and humanity. And it’s a podcast!”