Give your Association a Voice

Before: Association members had to wait weeks or months to hear from their Association.

After: Association members are now connected to build a stronger community anywhere and anytime.

That is what we do.


Introducing: Our Powerful Podcasting4Associations network with dynamic content for fresh promotions and advertising in all episodes. Imagine segments, promotions, sponsors, advertising easily in and out of your episodes. 

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Podcasting for membership-based organizations

Association Podcasts are a winning proposition

  • A win for the associations engagement of members.
  • A win for associations building a revenue stream. 
  • A win utilizing geographically targeted dynamic promotions and advertising 
  • A win for partners to add value for members.
  • A win for partners/sponsors growing brand recognition.


Thank you Podcast4Associations!

“You made it incredibly easy to get the Pedo Teeth Talk Podcast up and running!  Each recording is simple and the quality is great.   Our podcast has been a great member benefit and our listeners love having a podcast specific to their profession.”

Caroline Price  American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry



We partner with associations and membership-based organizations to produce podcasts that build trust with their members, establish their authority, to be THE industry resource, and engage their members, prospective members and the industry they represent.

Our podcast services include:

Full Production

Your turnkey podcast solution – we create, distribute, and promote your podcast.

Strategy & Consultation

Your one-stop association podcast solution – we answer all of your podcasting questions.

Are you familiar with:

…how to use the portable recorders, microphones, interfaces, and editing software necessary to record clean audio?

…posting a podcast or how to upload your podcast on iTunes, Overcast, Stitcher, and Google Podcasts?

…market your podcast to engage members and prospective members and track your engagement?

….. utilizing Dynamic insertion and selling podcast advertising and sponsorship for your new association podcast?



Podcasting First Steps

Step 1

Schedule a Call

Help us understand the purpose, goals, and initial strategy of your association podcast.


Step 2

Consulting Session

We dive deep to understand your organization, the members you want to engage, and the results that equal success.

Step 3

Decide What’s Best

Together we come up with a complete strategy and an action plan to build a successful podcast.

American Association of Pediatric Dentistry

Pedo Teeth Talk

Podcast on Apple:  Pedo Teeth Talk

Podcast on Client Site:  Client Podcast page

The Pedo Teeth Talk Podcast is an association-podcast example of how a podcast can generate revenue while entertaining and educating members.

The education and information provided by Pedo Teeth Talk is what members are looking for.  Giving them a sense of community to access anytime they want. Podcasting is the most intimate of media and AAPD is taking advantage of that to provide engaging content for its members.

Pedio Teeth Talk Podcasting Production for Associations
Pedio Teeth talk2 - Podcasting Production for Associations
Pedio Teeth talk2 - Podcasting Production for Associations

Onsite and virtual recording options

American Association of Pediatric Dentistry

Newly Erupted

Podcast on Apple: Newly Erupted

Podcast on Client Site:  Client Podcast page

American Association of Endodontists

Endo Voices

Podcast on Apple: Endo Voices

Podcast on Client Site:  Client Podcast page

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