Association podcast strategy, production, distribution, and promotion.

Powerful Podcasting4Associations network technology where we utilize dynamic content for fresh promotions and advertising in all episodes. Imagine segments, promotions, sponsors, advertising easily in and out of your episodes. 


Full Production

Everything you need to have a professionally produced, widely distributed promoted association podcast.

Our 4-step process ensures you have the best association podcast possible.

1. Plan Your Member Podcast

Here we learn about your membership-based organization, your members, and, most importantly, your goals.

Our goal is a significant association podcast that stands out in your industry and decides what format is best for you and your audience. Would virtual interviews or annual conference content capture work best as a strategy? We handle all the technical parts, things like equipment, media hosting, and website design.

2. Produce Your Association Podcast

We record, edit, and master your podcast episodes and get them ready to distribute to your members and the world.

Here we prepare for the interviews, communicate with the host and guests, work to schedule the interviews, and get the record. Next, we edit the episodes, adds the bumpers and other elements, and get your final approval, title, and description. Then we upload the files to your RSS feed for release.

3. Promote Your Association Podcast

Engage with members and prospective members with a podcast-led content strategy.

Content from your podcast episodes should be reused everywhere for maximum visibility and engagement. During this phase, we work with you to write and post-show notes and create additional marketing assets to promote your episodes across all of your networks.

4. Track Your Podcast’s Progress

Measuring progress is often the overlooked final step. We work with you to use several key performance indicators (KPIs) to track the success of your podcast, including the number of listens/ downloads for episodes.

Ready to get started? Unsure of what you need next? Schedule a call and let’s talk.

Powerful Podcasting4Associations Dynamic Content 

Network technology where we utilize dynamic content for fresh promotions and advertising in all episodes.  

-Imagine segments, promotions, sponsors, advertising moved in and out of your episodes.

-Resell episodes over and over again.  

-A fresh message from the CEO or executive director on all episodes automatically

-Highlighting upcoming events

-Geographically inserting content, ads, promotions or events to a specific area.   


Association Podcasting Consulting Services

Consulting answers to questions about content, strategy, preparation, equipment recommendations and setup, recording, editing, hosting, distribution.

Critical decisions to get your association podcast started correctly. 

-Determine podcast format, length, frequency. Identify music, transition elements. 

-Podcast show artwork with three rounds of revisions. 

-Decide the best equipment for podcast format, and provide training. 

-Hosting platform, configure RSS feed with the title, description. 

-Produce a 2-5 minute trailer. 

-Distribution RSS feed to podcast directories Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Overcast, TuneIn, Stitcher, any others requested.

-Best practices for virtual and in-person recording and ways to improve on-air performance.

-Marketing and monetization strategy calls.